Google Quietly Activates New Web Performance Metrics

This summer brings hefty changes to Google’s search algorithm. Software developers and website operators need to think about how to keep their sites ranking on top. Failing to do so can have a devastating impact on finger traffic that ads and page clicks have on business results.

Google went live earlier this summer with its new Core Web Vitals algorithm to determine search rankings. With the implementation of Core Web Vitals as a key component of its search algorithm, Google has made a well-considered decision to reward sites that perform the best and that have been specifically designed to create the best experience for users, according to the company.

That design factor is key to keeping website rankings at or near the top of the digital pile. Another key element is Google’s continued reliance on Next.js, a JavaScript framework that lets web developers build server-side rendering and static web applications.

Google has made significant open source contributions to Next.js, including code that allows webpages to load images faster. Platform developer Vercel and Next.js provide many critical capabilities that enable developers to ensure their sites rise in rankings based on performance improvements.

The implementation of Google Core Web Vitals as a critical aspect of search placement moves web developers completely into a new era of user-experience-driven. That directly impacts developer-driven, business success criteria.

Website performance increases have real business impact. Barely measurable improvements can result in the gain or loss of substantial amounts of revenue to web sites large and small, according to project developers. The ability to measure fully and accurately, and then easily and quickly improve the things that matter most to users is the key determinant of business success today.

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