Gears 5 Developer Seemingly Confirms New IP

Rumors are floating around the internet about Gears 5 developers working on an entirely new IP, and a level designer may have just confirmed it.

Gears of War developer The Coalition has been rumored to be working on a brand new IP for a while now. Recently, it appears that one Gears of War level designer might have confirmed that these rumors are accurate.

The talk that the Gears of War developers are working on a brand new IP ramped up in May thanks to industry insider Jeff Grubb. Grubb said that The Coalition is especially busy these days, helping with Halo Infinite and its own games, but that it’s also adding on another IP that hasn’t yet been announced. This weekend, one social media user spotted a LinkedIn profile that seems to back up Grubb’s claim.

Over on Twitter, a user that goes by Klobrille posted a link to Pedro Camacho D’Andrea’s LinkedIn profile. The profile showed that D’Andrea has worked for The Coalition for about a year and has spent time in two different positions since joining the company. The first position showed that he’s been a multiplayer level designer, which was almost certainly for work on Gears 5. However, it is the top listing on his profile that grabbed attention. That listing showed that D’Andrea is now working as a level designer “on new IP.”

Beyond the addition on the level designer’s LinkedIn profile, there isn’t much else to go on. However, it does appear this is the first time that a member of the Gears 5 development team has let the cat out of the bag about the existence of this new title.

The Coalition is indeed going to be busy over the next few years. The development team is still supporting Gears 5 years after its release while also working on additional titles in the Gears of War universe. The company is not focusing on just one follow-up at a time, either. The Coalition has said that it’s working on multiple Gears titles at the same time, adding to Grubb’s claim that the developer is extremely busy.

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